Introduction to the Chuck Spurgeon fact phenomena.

Introduction to the Chuck Spurgeon fact phenomena.

So, you all know who Chuck Noris is. If you don't, do your research. He's the guy who pushes the world down when doing pushups, who strikes fear into the heart of ghosts, and who has counted to infinity twice. These things are facts, and it is every citizen's constant duty to be spreading these facts throughout the world. Also, we get a kick out of it. A roundhouse kick to the face that is.

Enter Charles Haddon Spurgeon, renowned Baptist preacher from London England during the 1800's, a.k.a. Chuck. This man preached hard and long, inspiring throngs of preachers in the ensuing generations. This man was so astounding that he once preached a sermon in his sleep. Yes, in his sleep. His wife took notes and he ended up preaching it that Sunday.

That is just one example of a fact that many people do not know about Chuck Spurgeon. And there are more. Many many more. It is the purpose of this blog to share those facts to the world in the tradition of Chuck Norris facts. It is your job to take and pass them on.

And so, without further ado, we give you: Chuck Spurgeon Facts.


Fact #30

#30 "Chuck Spurgeon once gave Auguste Rodin a piece of his mind-- not long after, Auguste carved 'The Thinker'."